Science & Technology Innovations Inc.

Science & Technology Innovations Inc. is a dynamic new North Carolina company that is women owned and veteran operated.  We are in the process of applying for 8A and other designations.  The company is new but the staff is highly qualified with a wealth of experience to achieve our business goals.  These include:

Scientist with multiple PhD’s and an impressive record of achievement in companies such as DuPont, Two Managing Directors having combined total of over 70 years’ experience in Federal, state and local governments as well as private enterprise – both retired service members.

Our professionals have a successful track record that includes, but are not limited to the following areas:

    • Chemistry
    • Engendering
    • Scientific Discovery
    • Military Management
    • Contracting Development and Administration
    • Health Administration
    • Textile Manufacturing
    • Business Development

Our project is of national significance involving light weight compact soldier portable flex-fuel electric generators with reduces noise and heat signatures while minimizing the environmental impact. 

Historic perspective:  Our military has had a tri-fuel motor that has proven dependable in all theaters of operation for over 20 years.  It could be modernized to provide electric power for field hospitals of around 48 beds capacity.  However we love to reinvent the wheel.

Our current concept is to adapt a small generator of approximately 60 lbs. to use  D1, D2, and JP8 fuels.  This would be accomplished be a specific blend of methanol and diesel fuel to increase octane, reduce engine knock and reduce the temperature of exhaust gasses, thereby reducing the noise and heat signature and increase soldier survivability.  Through the use of variable fuel pressure and an ignition system maximized for each of the three fuels gasoline and JP8 could be used.  Additives would mitigate cold start and corrosion issues with methanol and different additives would be used to maximize performance in various climates, altitudes and other conditions. 

There are a variety of challenges yet to overcome but our group includes highly motivated professionals with relevant educations and backgrounds who have a personal stake in our success.  We are confident that we can meet this mission.  Our current need is for funding or to form a relationship with a company in which we could work together tours our common goal.

Contact Information:
Science & Technology Innovations Inc.
P.O. Box ___________
Fayetteville, NC 28311

Michael R. Hanna                 
Ronald H. Blake